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Mobile Technologies That Drive Sales

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    New phone features and capabilities are cropping up seemingly by the day. At the same time, this fast-paced change is dramatically affecting how eBusiness professionals interact with their teams and customers every day. New use cases seem to be limited only by the ability to think them up. Thus, navigating the landscape of mobile technologies and the vendors that serve them is and will be challenging in the near term. While keeping in mind the strategic approach to incorporating mobile into a broader customer engagement strategy, eBusiness professionals must weigh the appropriateness of any technology based on its fit to the objectives outlined for target customers. This report outlines the tools and technologies for eBusiness and channel strategy executives working on their mobile eBusiness strategy and is designed to provide guidance in the use of mobile technologies to increase customer value. Forrester has included a toolkit of supplemental research on these technologies at the end of the report. This report is an update to the report of the same name originally published on May 16, 2012.
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    • Increasing Mobile Use Cases Industrywide Mean Vast Tech Choices
    • Foundational Tech Is The Platform For Direct Consumer Interaction
    • Connective Tissue Tech Enhances Mobile Experience/Other Touchpoints

      A Deep Dive Into The Mobile Technologies That Drive Sales
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