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New IT-Business Partnership Enables BT Success – A Business Technology (BT) Report

Centralized IT Control Fails As BT Moves Beyond IT's Direct Control

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    With the emergence of business technology (BT), technology is moving outside of IT's direct control. Why? BT users are striving to use technology for their specific purposes at a pace faster than IT's project-based design-build-maintain approach will allow. This isn't another swing of the centralized/decentralized IT pendulum but a fundamental shift in technology management. And as BT users take control, the relationship between IT and the business must change, with roles previously held only by IT now residing within business organizations. As a result, CIOs face a fork in the road — either keep on the traditional IT path of maintaining tight control over technologies and ignore these forces or work more closely with the business to assure BT users' success. The first fork is high risk — left on their own, business users face failure — while the second fork offers opportunities. CIOs' only real choice is the second path — adding a greater dimension of partnership to their work with the business — synchronizing IT's work with the business', architecting a flexible BT platform, and shifting IT's culture to support business' successful efforts.
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    • Unaddressed Needs Drive Business Organizations To Take Tech Control
    • CIOs: There's A Fork In The Road — Take It! Avoid Risks And Pursue Opportunities
    • IT Will Adopt A New Organizational Structure To Help Enable BT Success

      CIOs: BT User Enablement Requires That You Transform The IT Organization

      Business-IT Fusion Happens For BT Users — But IT And Vendors Own The Tech
    • BT Users May Not Always Take On IT Roles

      Some See BT Enablement As No Big Thing, Only The Next Step In IT's Evolution
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