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Now Is The Time To Determine SharePoint's Place In Your Application Development Strategy

SharePoint Use Is Exploding; How To Get The Most From Its Underlying Platform

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As application development managers, you may see Microsoft SharePoint as a collaboration application. But as many shops are discovering, SharePoint is also a development platform that people both inside and outside of IT use to create intranets, outward-facing portals, electronic forms, workflows, and even dashboards. The promise of SharePoint: Your organization will be able to create and deploy collaboration applications faster and give businesspeople productive new tools. The pitfalls: SharePoint can add new unplanned demands as your teams fill the product's gaps in application life-cycle management and enterprise integration and as they create policies to prevent a new chaos of user-generated applications. Decide what role SharePoint will play in your application development strategy, and then put in place the resources and practices required to execute on that strategy.
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  • SharePoint Spreads A Stealth Development Platform
  • Inside SharePoint
  • SharePoint Strengths Play Well For Intranets, Office Workflows, Some Portals
  • Your Strategy Will Have To Address The Five Big Gaps In SharePoint
  • Your Three Strategy Options For SharePoint
  • Emerging Practices For SharePoint Development

    Approach SharePoint As A Major New Development Platform Investment

    SharePoint Introduces Collaborative, Component-Based Development
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