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Online Customer Service Review: Wireless Communication Service Providers – A Social Computing Report

An Empowered Report: A Look At The Best And Worst Of Online Customer Service

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    Forrester evaluated the online customer service offerings of the four largest US wireless communication service providers — AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. Our analysis uncovered strengths including well-designed Help and Contact Us sections and adoption of social media and video for customer service. At the same time, all of the companies we evaluated were plagued by issues including a lack of contextual help, limited online self-service functionality, and underemployed technologies such as virtual agents and click-to-call. To improve online customer service, eBusiness professionals should conduct regular reviews of their online customer service capabilities, focus on improving content relevancy, and consider extending online customer service technologies to include virtual agents and proactive live help.
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    • Forrester's Online Customer Service Review Methodology
    • Customer Service Best Practices of Wireless Communication Service Providers

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