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Oracle Gets More Specific About Its Sun Plans

No Forced Migrations, But Only Some Sun Products Seem Strategic To Oracle

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As the European Commission's (EC's) objections to the acquisition of Sun Microsystems continue to delay the deal, Oracle issued clarification on its intentions for Sun's technology, most notably its middleware. Oracle hadn't previously discussed its plans for specific Sun software products other than the Solaris operating system — to which it continues to pledge commitment. Oracle's clarification is in line with Forrester's expectations, published during May 2009. The bottom line: Much of Sun's middleware will disappear into Oracle's strategic Fusion Middleware portfolio, and MySQL will likely live on as the core of a product line for small and medium businesses.
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  • Oracle Outlines Its Sun Integration Plans . . .
  • . . . And Promises To Sustain Sun's Middleware Products

    Use The EU-Imposed Delay To Prepare Your Transition Strategy

    Focus On What's Strategic To Oracle, Not On Its Assurances
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