Peter Sheldon

VP, Principal Analyst serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy PROFESSIONALS

Peter serves eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals. He focuses on eCommerce technologies and solutions, including B2C and B2B eCommerce platforms, mobile commerce solutions, digital in-store technologies, and digital commerce. Peter has specific expertise helping eBusiness leaders understand the integration challenges between eCommerce and back-office technologies across channels and touchpoints. His interests focus on mobile and tablet commerce trends, digital in-store experiences, multichannel retail, social commerce, and digital media.

Previous Work Experience

Peter has extensive experience working with an ecosystem of eCommerce technologies, including eCommerce platforms, mobile commerce solutions, content management, web analytics, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), digital asset management, payment systems, and social media, to name a few. Peter has more than 13 years of experience in eCommerce and web technologies. Most recently, Peter held both product management and product marketing positions at Elastic Path, a leading eCommerce platform vendor. He also worked as a senior business analyst at JP Morgan and Ford Motor Company, where he started his career in eCommerce developing a direct online channel for new vehicle sales in the UK. Peter's experience spans both business and technology, including business analysis, product management, product marketing, solution architecture, user experience, and online marketing.


Peter holds a BEng in manufacturing systems engineering from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland.

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      Blog:Retailers Focus on Multiple Holiday Sales Driving Tactics, in Addition to Search

      According to the 2008 JupiterResearch Executive Survey results, online retailers continue to put search engine marketing spending at the top of their holiday sales driving tactics. Nonetheless, this...

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        Blog:Do Application Developers Need To Change Their Ways?

        Controversies and eccentricities notwithstanding, Michael Jackson is a brilliant musical artist and performer. I was acutely aware of this on February 2009 in London after 3...

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          Navigating A Crowded SAP Partner Landscape In The Digital Era

          Today's SAP solutions extend far beyond systems of record that manage financials and supply chain processes. Through mobility, analytics, cloud, social, and ecosystem solutions, the SAP platform has...

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          Charts & Figures:IT Operations Exhibit Complexity Across Four Stages

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          Blog:Amazon Rocks

          I know, we are in the depths of an economic quagmire, but could we just take a sec to recognize that the biggest online retailer just posted a 31% increase in revenue. That is huge given the...

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            Blog:Symantec's acquisition of MessageLabs

            This acquisition extends Symantec into the security software-as-a service (SSaaS) market, but it doesn’t in itself provide any proof that Symantec is looking at SSaaS strategically. For example, we...

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              Charts & Figures:IT Operations Exhibit Complexity Across Four Stages

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              Blog:Three Reasons To Stop Demonizing Facebook And Mark Zuckerberg

              Facebook owns spectacular portions of its users’ time and has the right to use their data; this is the basis for Facebook’s significant revenue potential and is a great reason why we...

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                Blog:Clarifying The Market Mix Modeling Landscape

                In the process of developing my new coverage area: marketing measurement, I'm working on a report to clarify the market mix modeling landscape and give customer intelligence professionals a sense of...

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                  Blog:American Airlines Unbundling?

                  According to the Associated Press, American Airlines is planning to follow the Air Canada a la carte pricing structure as early as next year. Air Canada�s so-called unbundled approach is tiered to...

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                    Report:Customer Experience Index Snapshot: Credit Card Providers

                    Forrester asked nearly 5,000 US consumers about their interactions with a variety of companies to gauge the usefulness, usability, and enjoyability of their experiences. Based on these consumer...

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                    Blog:Artificial Intelligence Needs More Than A Name, It Needs Personality

                    IBM's acquisition of Cognea, a startup that creates virtual assistants of multiple personalities, further reinforces that voice is not enough for artificial intelligence.  You need...

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                      Charts & Figures:Use Six Key Complexity Assessment Indicators

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                      Blog:Where Do *You* Find The Best Software Developers?

                      Here at Forrester, we’re beginning a new stream of research focused on where firms are finding the best software developers. And by best, I mean a few key attributes, including being...

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                        Blog:Spiders And Elephants – Social Connections And Big Data Will Determine The Next Big Winners And Losers

                        I’ve been following a couple of 2011 developments that together may determine the next big technology winners and losers. To get your click, I’ve been obscure in my title. Spiders refers...

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                          Blog:The Future of Agencies: What Do You Think?

                          We’re in the process of pondering a very important question in the industry today: what is the future of agencies? Agencies have played such a crucial role in helping companies market their...

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                            Report:Offshore Vendor Snapshots

                            Profiles Of iGate, MphasiS, Syntel, And Tech Mahindra

                            Continuing Forrester's coverage of Indian outsourcers, this report puts the spotlight on the bottom half of the top 10 Indian outsourcers. These vendors are able to offer best-of-breed services in...

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                            Blog:Online travel gets greener

                            There are undoubtedly varying shades of green. We discussed this in a recent report called "Green Online TravelersAssessing the Brand Impact of Travelers' Environmental Concerns" in which we...

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                              Report:Content Security Is Becoming A Competition Among Suites

                              Websense Rounds Out Its Security Portfolio With Its Acquisition Of SurfControl

                              Websense recently completed its acquisition of SurfControl, not only taking out the No. 2 competitor in Web filtering, but also gaining a solid foothold in the email filtering space. Along with the...

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                              Webinar:Content Brands Rise Above Channels

                              Consumers are no longer passive "eyeballs" to be tracked, targeted and messaged to; they're now active and critical in how they hunt for, filter, and consume information and entertainment across...

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                              Blog:Microsoft's New Surface Makes A Strong Case For Device Consolidation

                              Yesterday, Microsoft released the Surface Pro 3, a 12" touchscreen device billed as "the tablet that can replace your laptop." Sporting some hard-core computing bona fides (including Intel processors...

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                                Charts & Figures:Focus On People, Process, And Technology To Remediate I&O Complexity

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                                Blog:Use Advanced Analytics To Spotlight People Who Have The Biggest Impact On Customer Satisfaction

                                Community is an ideal toward which all social networks should aspire. In a true community, everybody is pulling for everybody else, sharing whatever assistance, expertise, and insight they...

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                                  Blog:Business Rules Platforms 2011: 3 Vendors Have Strongest Positions

                                  After two years of vendor consolidation, which are the best business rules platforms for application development and delivery professionals to consider? In our judgment, based on growth rates, market...

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                                    Report:Who's Willing To Pay The Most For A Financial Plan?

                                    Many consumers realize they cannot develop a sound investment plan on their own. But are they willing to pay to have the plan developed for them? We found that Validators — investors who gather...

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                                    Charts & Figures:Budget Concern Is A Major Issue For IT Security

                                    Security Isn't A Technology Problem; It's A People And Process Problem