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Governments Are Playing Catch-Up In Terms Of Mobility And Collaboration

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    North American and European governments are striving for efficiency, openness, and responsiveness as their constituencies increasingly organize and mobilize using social technologies. However, governments' initiatives remain in their infancy. Forrester's recent Forrsights Workforce Employee Survey reveals government information workers lag their private sector counterparts in access to technologies and work styles — like portable technologies, advanced collaboration tools, and mature telecommuting initiatives — that can help fulfill this vision of a more participative government. To turn the tide, government Content & Collaboration (C&C) professionals must focus on the overall workplace experience and tailor solutions to meet the needs, attitudes, and behaviors of a changing government workforce.
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    • Governments Strive For More Efficiency, Openness, And Responsiveness

      Focus On The Needs Of Workers To Effect Bottom-Up Change
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