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Q&A: How To Get Private Cloud Right

From Scoping To Sizing To Incenting Use: Unconventional Thinking Is Required

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Recent Forrester inquiries from enterprise infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals show that there's still significant confusion between infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) private clouds and server virtualization environments. As a result, there are a lot of misperceptions about what it takes to get your private cloud investments right and drive adoption by your developers. The answers may surprise you; they may even be the opposite of what you're thinking. This report reviews the common questions about private cloud implementations and how unconventional thinking leads to a better implementation. Key findings: Your cloud should be smaller than you think, cheaper than the math justifies, and if marketed right, attractive to a skeptical developer audience.
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  • 1. Where is the line between cloud and server virtualization?
  • 2. Isn't everything eventually going to be in the cloud?
  • 3. How big a private cloud should I build to start?
  • 4. If I build the private cloud won't everybody just start using it?
  • 5. How much should I charge for virtual machines in my private cloud?
  • 6. Do I have to chargeback for my private cloud?
  • 7. Can we avoid using the public cloud if we get private cloud right?