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Q&A: The Economics Of Green IT

What Are The Financial Benefits Of Green IT?

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Don't be fooled: Green IT is as much about the greenbacks as it is about reducing the environmental impact of operating IT and the business. In fact, financial motivation — not environmental motivation — is the driving force behind the pursuit of greener IT. So when asking yourself whether green IT has financial merits, the short answer is yes — but IT leadership must understand why and how this is achieved to invest time and capital wisely.
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  • 1. Does financial value or environmental value drive green IT projects?
  • 2. Do green IT projects cost more than non-green projects?
  • 3. How can green IT projects reduce IT operating and capital expenses?
  • 4. How can green IT return funds to the IT organization?
  • 5. What is green IT's role in reducing broader business spending?
  • 6. What financial inducements are available for green IT investments?
  • 7. How should I prioritize green IT investments?