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Redefine Your Workforce Computing Policy To Empower Employees

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    This report outlines Forrester's solution for IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals solving workforce computing challenges. This report is designed to help you redefine your workforce computing policy to empower your employees. Let's face it: Our workforce computing technology and supporting policies are desperately out of date and in need of transformation. Thankfully, I&O managers are embracing desktop modernization projects and redefining their next-generation mobility strategies to meet expectations for more flexible workspaces among empowered workforces. This report serves as a starting point for I&O managers to redefine workforce computing policies — with an eye toward managing devices, applications, data, and people — for the empowered era in which employees either influence the technology with which they're provisioned or may bring their own.
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    • Existing Workforce Computing Policies Are Impotent In Empowered Era
    • Segment Employees To Arrive At The Right Workforce Technologies
    • A New Policy Must Cover Management Of Devices, Apps, Data, And People

      Thrive In Era Of Persona-Driven Provisioning With An Empowered Policy
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