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Role Job Description: Identity And Access Management Architect

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    This report outlines the skills and staffing requirements for security and risk (S&R) executives working on building an identity and access management strategy for the extended enterprise. Identity and access management (IAM) is mission-critical: If IAM service is down, employees, including senior management and executives, won't be able to access applications and other resources they need to do their jobs. Because of this, IT leaders need to ensure that they design and support IAM in a way that provides both long-term value and robustness. This report details the typical organizational ownership of IAM and how IAM plays with other IT teams. It provides skeleton job descriptions and compensation levels for typical IAM-related roles such as director of IAM, IAM architect, and IAM implementer. It also details critical skills and best practices to pay attention to when hiring and retaining IAM talent.
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    • IAM Isn't A Side Project — It Requires A Dedicated Team And Staff
    • Your IAM Team Will Require Three Types of Professionals
    • You Must Hire Good Talent, But You Must Also Maintain IAM Skills

      Cloud IAM Will Appreciate Architect Skills and Devalue Implementation
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