WEBINAR: Sales Onboarding: Solving The Devastating Delay From Sales Hiring To Consistent Production

  • Thursday, January 30, 2014
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This webinar introduces a new framework to hire and more rapidly enable salespeople to successfully and sustainably engage in valuable conversations with their various buyers (e.g., executives). In the age of the customer, 20th-century sales onboarding — current training methods to enable new B2B salespeople — is obsolete and far too ineffective. Learn to revise current practices that unnecessarily extend the time interval from hire-to-sales-production and lead to costly loss or misalignment of sales talent.


  • Why is current-state onboarding obsolete?
  • What sales onboarding and development practices must change?
  • What is a new framework for engaging and developing buyer-aligned salespeople?

Key takeaways:

  • Stop delivering onboarding as an event.
  • Provide a buyer-centered holistic development path for increased sales productivity.

Vendors mentioned: HireVue and Qstream

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