Scott Santucci

Principal Analyst serving Sales Enablement PROFESSIONALS

Scott serves Sales Enablement Professionals. He has deep knowledge and hands-on experience working cross-functionally with product, marketing, and sales teams to develop innovative and effective integrated programs designed to improve the entire revenue cycle. He is a thought leader in Forrester's technology sales enablement practice, which has established an architectural framework to help technology industry vendors transform current product-centric go-to-market models into customer-centered approaches.

Scott's efforts center around topics such as sales as a marketing channel, field marketing roles and programs, targeting executives, team selling and marketing, new product traction, sales-focused go-to-market strategies, sales-ready tools, strategic account programs, helping sales people collaborate with buyers more effectively, and developing data-driven performance reporting and measurement programs.

Previous Work Experience

Scott came to Forrester from BluePrint Marketing, an organization he founded and ran for six years. There he led a boutique consultancy focused on helping technology vendors develop customer-centered business strategies to create more sales-friendly marketing programs, resulting in more leverage in the sales process. He has worked closely with all of the relevant roles and stakeholders in the sales execution process, including CEO, CFO, sales, marketing, CTO, strategy, and business unit heads, resulting in a unique and holistic view into all of the cogs of an organization's value engine and how to bring the component parts together to maximize results. Throughout his 16-year career, he has held various sales and marketing positions including quota-carrying sales roles, product marketing and management, and sales leadership roles in organizations such as META Group and Allen Systems Group.

Scott has worked directly with more than 2,000 field-selling representatives across all major geographies and in software, services, and hardware companies. Comfortable in the boardroom or in the trenches, he is exceptionally adept at helping to architect positive change and is a popular speaker.


Scott received a B.S. in marketing management, with a minor in communications from Virginia Tech.

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