Search Marketing

Also referred to as search engine marketing (SEM), this strategy is used by businesses and other organizations to increase their relevancy ranking in key consumer search engines. Coverage includes mobile search.


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    Report: The State Of Retailing Online 2014: Marketing

    This latest report in our series using data from The State Of Retailing Online, a study conducted by Forrester Research, covers interactive marketing benchmarks for online retailers. Mo...

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    Report: Get To Know Mobile Tactics

    Smartphone adoption is increasing and propelling your audience into the growing segment of always addressable customers. A key touchpoint for these mobile-savvy and connected consumers, smartpho...

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    Report: Brief: Don't Confound Mobile Ads And Mobile Paid Search

    Marketers are turning their attention to mobile advertising in order to reach the large, addressable mobile audience. But approaching mobile advertising strategically is difficult, as marketers ...

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    Report: Brief: Don't Worry About Encrypted Search

    In September 2013, Google confirmed that it had restricted access to all organic search activity. Several months later, in April 2014, the company had also blocked paid search query data. No dou...

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    Report: Forrester Research Search Engine Marketing Forecast, 2014 To 2019 (US)

    Paid search is heavily affected by the adoption of connected mobile devices -- namely, smartphones and tablets. Internet search is the foundation of commerce, information, and communication. Wit...

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