Security, Risk and Compliance

Security, risk, and compliance combines the disciplines of governance and oversight for managing risk, while optimizing security processes and technologies for your organization's future flexibility.

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    • For Interactive Marketing Professionals

      Report:The Forrester Wave™: Marketing Mix Modeling, Q2 2013

      The Nine Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up

      Since Forrester published its first Wave™ evaluation on marketing mix modeling in 2011, the market has undergone significant growth and evolution as marketers demand more in-depth, real-time,...

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    • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

      Report:Market Overview: Chat Solutions For Customer Service

      Twenty Solutions For Delivering Differentiated Experiences

      Customers demand superior service and support as the price for their ongoing loyalty and patronage, and they are increasingly leveraging the chat channel for customer service. The chat vendor...

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    • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

      Report:The Forrester Wave™: Master Data Management Solutions, Q1 2014

      How The Top Five MDM Vendors Stack Up For Multiplatform

      The ability to keep pace with trends like big data, open data, sophisticated analytics, and the de-compartmentalization of data silos and processes, distinguishes leading master data management (MDM)...

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    • For CMO Professionals

      Report:How To Build Your Brand With Branded Content

      Traditional marketing vehicles are becoming less effective in capturing and engaging the attention of today's perpetually connected consumers. Chief marketing officers (CMOs) must adapt their...

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    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:India Tech Market Outlook: 2014

      Customer Obsession Takes Center Stage For Technology Spending

      IT purchases in India will reach US$29 billion in 2014. As in other emerging economies, India's tech market is still largely hardware-driven, but spending on software and services is gaining...

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    • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

      Report:Optimize Business Processes And Govern Transformation

      Processes: The Business Applications Playbook

      Application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals have a poor reputation among their line-of-business colleagues of being able to deliver timely, high-impact solutions. This research shows...

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    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Case Study: Sanofi's Successful I&O Transformation Approach

      A Blueprint On How To Transform People, Process, And Technology Elements To Proactively Address Increasingly Complex Markets

      In 2010, Sanofi, a large multinational in the healthcare market, embarked on a business transformation in response to increasing market complexity. Similar market complexities are affecting most...

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    • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

      Report:Retool Your Retail Applications To Thrive On Digital Disruption

      Use Advanced Merchandising And Planning To Steer A New Course

      Application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals in retail must contend with established categories of packaged apps for store operations, eCommerce, supply chain, and loyalty. But most...

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    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:2012 Canadian Bank Secure Website Rankings

      Firms Continue To Enhance Core Functionality But Lack New Digital Banking Features

      This report details how the secure websites of the six largest retail banks in Canada stack up against each other across six categories and 66 individual criteria measuring the banks' online...

      • Downloads: 235
    • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

      Report:How To Become A BT Leader — And Leave IT Order-Taking Behind

      Three Cases Show The Path To App Delivery's High-Value Career Choices

      How application development and delivery professionals serve the business is changing, calling for new delivery methods, organizational models, roles, and processes. The change: App delivery pros...

      • Downloads: 657
    • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

      Report:Predictions 2014: Mobile Trends For Marketers

      Navigate Beyond The Hype To Drive Near-Term Results

      In 2014, there will be more than 2 billion smartphones globally. Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub but also the bridge to the physical world. That's why mobile will affect more than...

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    • For Sourcing & Vendor Management Professionals

      Report:Business Outcomes Are The Future Of Technology Contracts

      Driving Change In The Way You Buy Products And Services

      Digital capability — mobile, social, cloud, and data and analytics — disrupts business models and value streams, introduces new competitive threats, and comes with new demands for shorter...

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    • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

      Report:Information Architecture Planning Toolkit

      As business executives develop an appreciation for the potential value in their information assets, they're looking to architects to help them dramatically improve their information management and...

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    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:German Online Retail Overview, 2011

      Despite A Thriving Online Market, Multichannel Retail Is Still An Untapped Opportunity For German Retailers

      The German online retail market is the second largest in Europe. and eBay are dominant forces, with major German consumer brands selling through those sites, and others following suit...

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    • For Security & Risk Professionals

      Report:SAS 70 Out, New Service Organization Control Reports In

      Security And Risk Professionals Must Prepare To Phase Out SAS 70 Today

      Developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), the Statements on Auditing Standards 70 (SAS 70) has been around since 1992. When the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) of 2002 passed, SAS 70 gained new...

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    • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

      Report:The Path To CPG Innovation Is Wide Open

      Why Open Innovation Is A Natural Fit For CPG Product Strategists

      Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are facing a daunting challenge: finding ways to differentiate their products among a sea of competing offerings. Incremental changes will not suffice; nor...

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    • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

      Report:Embrace Future Trends To Deliver HRM Business Impact

      Future Look: The Human Resource Management Playbook

      This report outlines the future outlook for application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals working with human resources executives on their applications and business process optimization...

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    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Is Software-Defined Networking Ready For The Enterprise? Part 1 Of 3

      Understanding The Need For SDN And The Vendors Fulfilling It

      Finally, networking has its "cloud." Not since The Beatles touched down at N.Y.'s John F. Kennedy International Airport to perform at The Ed Sullivan Show has there been so much hysteria; yet few...

      • Downloads: 245
    • For CMO Professionals

      Report:Build Your Army Of Brand Advocates From Across The Enterprise

      Forrester's research with senior marketing leaders shows that enterprisewide commitment and engagement are critical to successfully building a brand in the 21st century. But this is also marketers'...

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    • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

      Report:How To Start Bridging The Mobile Monetization Gap

      Use Mobile Engagement To Extend Existing Business Models

      Facebook, Groupon, Pandora, Path, Rovio, and Twitter are companies that get a lot of media or investor attention and have a common denominator: Each has a large mobile audience but an unproven...

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    • For Sourcing & Vendor Management Professionals

      Report:Match Service Provider Governance With Market Realities

      Capability Assessment: The Services Sourcing Playbook

      Internal IT requirements and the market for external services are in a state of constant evolution. Linking the needs of a unique and complex IT environment with external market offerings has been a...

      • Downloads: 347
    • For CMO Professionals

      Report:Engage Women With Personal And Relevant Social Interactions

      Women have the potential to drive a brand's reputation online because, compared with men, they are more connected with each other and like to talk about brands and products, especially in social...

      • Downloads: 837
    • For Customer Insights Professionals

      Report:How Personal Identity Management Will Change Social Marketing Relationships

      Marketers Must Exchange Value For Customers' Social Data

      Through social interactions on channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, consumers are creating a massive amount of data. Customer Intelligence (CI) professionals want this data and are now...

      • Downloads: 406
    • For Security & Risk Professionals

      Report:Measuring Security Awareness To Enhance The Human Firewall

      How To Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Security Awareness Program

      The importance of the human aspect of information security has long been recognized, and CISOs have reacted by peddling the security message to all who will listen, and many who won't; yet still we...

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    • For Sourcing & Vendor Management Professionals

      Report:The 4G Roaming Race Is On — Sharp Price Cuts Expected

      Vodafone Leads The Way Toward Affordable And Global Ultra-Fast Multimedia Mobility

      Companies whose executives travel frequently overseas complain of high charges for international mobile roaming — in particular, data roaming. Vodafone could go a long way toward helping...

      • Downloads: 76