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Should Your Email Live In The Cloud? A Comparative Cost Analysis

Cloud-Based Email Is Often Cheaper Than On-Premise Email

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    When Google launched Google Apps Premier Edition for $50 per user per year, it raised the question, "How much should we be paying for email?" But it's not just this eye-popping price that should trigger the question about where you should run your email. Instead, every time you have to upgrade, switch, or add users to your email system, you should examine your fully loaded costs and consider the delivery alternatives. This report presents a spreadsheet cost model to help you calculate your fully loaded on-premise email costs and compare it against cloud-based alternatives. Bottom line: Cloud-based email makes sense for companies or divisions as large as 15,000 users. And every company can benefit from outsourcing occasional users or email filtering to a cloud-based provider.
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    • Email Costs Trigger The Cloud Quest
    • Why Should You Consider Cloud-Based Email?
    • How To Evaluate Your Fully Loaded Email Costs
    • For Midsized Companies, Cloud-Based Email Is Often Cheaper
    • A Market Overview Of Email Providers

      Tackle The Big Buckets Of Email Cost

      Cloud Delivery Will Expand Email Ubiquity
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