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Simpler Database Migrations Have Arrived!

IBM, ANTs Software, And EnterpriseDB Offer Innovative New Options

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    Database migrations have always been complex, time-consuming, and costly due to proprietary data structures and data types, SQL extensions, and procedural languages. It can take up to several months to migrate a database, depending on database size, complexity, and usage of these proprietary features. A new technology has recently emerged for solving this problem: the database compatibility layer, a database access layer that supports another database management system's (DBMS's) proprietary extensions natively, allowing existing applications to access the new database transparently. ANTs Software, EnterpriseDB, and IBM offer database compatibility layers that enable a new approach to database migrations. Application developers and database administrators looking to migrate databases due to cost concerns, staffing problems, or technology issues should consider this new database compatibility layer option to mitigate risk, lower migration cost, and speed the migration process.
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