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Social Media Marketing For Financial Services – A Social Computing Report

How To Navigate The Regulatory Minefield And Build Effective Social Media Programs

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Financial services firms are beginning to adopt social technologies: In fact, we found that 79% of companies in the industry have some social media presence. But, held back by regulatory concerns and a lack of experience, few are using social media very well. Financial services marketers must adapt to take advantage of new, relatively liberal regulatory guidance — and they must actively engage their audiences in conversations about personal finance and investing to increase customer involvement and loyalty.
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  • Financial Services Customers Are Using Social Tools
  • Most Financial Services Firms Have Explored Social Media
  • Compliance Concerns Have Crippled Most Firms' Social Efforts
  • The Best Social Media Marketing Efforts Actively Engage Users

    Break Through Compliance Concerns And Talk With Your Customers

    Use Forrester's Expertise To Develop Successful Social Media Strategies
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  • Models & Calculators:

    Italian, Dutch, And Swedish Banks Have The Best Opportunity For Social Media Marketing

  • Models & Calculators:

    The Age Skew Of Financial Products Shows In Their Consumers' Adoption Of Social Media

  • Models & Calculators:

    Internet Banks' Customers Are By Far The Strongest Adopters Of Social Media

  • Models & Calculators:

    PNC Bank Customers Are The Most Engaged With Several Key Social Behaviors

  • Models & Calculators:

    Nearly 80% Of Financial Services Firms Use Social Media

  • Models & Calculators:

    Financial Services Firms Rarely Use Social Media To Promote Their Products

  • Models & Calculators:

    Most Financial Firms Allow User Posts On Their Facebook Pages, But Few Respond