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Sustained Innovation Propels The Business Engine

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    "Innovate or die" is not just a catchy slogan — it's the nature of business today. Shortened business cycles, competitors entering and establishing market presence overnight, and social networks radically changing the way consumers decide, shop, and critique all aspects of your business mean that you can't sit still and wait for good things to happen. They won't, unless you drive innovation through your enterprise. The good news is that technology improvements open new opportunities across the innovation network; business users are more open than ever to enhancing their operations, products, and marketing with these new technologies; and firms can exploit social networks to accelerate innovation even further. The ability for technology to propel innovation thrusts the CIO into a key role in building and managing an organization's innovation process. This report shows how innovation propels business success and what it will take for CIOs to lead technology innovation in their organizations.

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    • Innovation Drives BT Growth
    • Technology Drives Numerous Types Of Innovation
    • Tap Into The Broad Business Ecosystem To Maximize Innovation
    • The CIO As Chief Innovation Officer
    • Drive Value Through A Sustainable Innovation Process

      BT Innovation Demands That CIOs Be Business-Focused
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