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Taking The Fog Out Of Cloud Computing: Infrastructure-As-A-Service

Architect's Goal: Integrate IaaS As An Option On An Infrastructure Continuum

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Some of the most compelling cloud computing stories are public infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) stories: stories of companies using many servers for a short time and charging that use to a credit card, saving tons of money. When the dynamics of a business scenario are a good match for IaaS's characteristics, the benefits can be substantial. IaaS is not right for every situation — a wide range of considerations affect IaaS costs and benefits — but you should add IaaS options to your computing infrastructure strategy. Viewing IaaS as one of a range of hosted infrastructure options and matching IaaS with your business scenarios will establish a strong foundation for navigating the vagaries and complexities of IaaS pricing, risks, technical requirements, security concerns, and variability among vendor offerings.
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  • Infrastructure-As-A-Service Complicates The Analysis Of Computing Options
  • Gaining An Architect's Understanding Of IaaS
  • Creating Your IaaS-Enabled Infrastructure Strategy

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