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Taming Invoice Processing: Still Work To Do

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For many companies, invoice processing (IP) stands today as one species in a kingdom of untamed business processes overstuffed with inefficiencies, manual tasks, and disjointed transitions from one process step to the next. However, business process and applications (BP&A) professionals can capitalize on opportunities to improve their organizations' accounts payable (AP) processes by identifying existing document-centric pain points, categorizing their process maturity, and corralling AP's untamed processes with the right-fit capture, enterprise content management (ECM), automation tools, and business intelligence software.
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  • Untamed Processes Shake Confidence In Accounts Payable
  • So, AP-EIPP To The Rescue? Well, Yes And No
  • Business Process Pros Have An Opportunity To Put AP On The Right Track

    Don't Delay — Tame Accounts Payable Now
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