Telecommunication Services

Telecommunications companies leverage technology to deliver information across distances via video, phone, Internet, on-demand, and other services.

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  • James Staten
  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Charts & Figures:The Cloud Service Provider Landscape Breakdown

  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Charts & Figures:Most Tier One And Tier Two CSPs Have Local Projections

  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Charts & Figures:Global Breakdown Of CSP HQs

  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Blog:Cloud Inefficiency - Bad Habits Are Hard To Break

    We all have habits we would like to (and should) break such as leaving the lights on in rooms we are no longer in and good habits we want to encourage such as recycling...

    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Blog:Will Emerging Markets Bypass The US On Cloud?

      South Korea has better broadband than we do. Australia has faster wireless networks. And according to Forrester’s Internet Population Forecast, by 2013 the number of online consumers in...

      • For CIO Professionals

        Report:Improve Productivity With The Cloud

        When a market disruption as large as cloud computing comes along, it sends ripples throughout your organization, so it should come as no surprise that attitudes toward this technology vary widely...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Charts & Figures:Understanding CSP Business Models

      • For Sourcing & Vendor Management Professionals

        Report:Beware Of The "SaaS" Trap

        SaaS In Name Only Won't Deliver The Same Benefits And May Cost You Much More

        There's a disturbing trend reemerging in our client inquiries of late: rising demand for software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions and purchases of solutions that are not really SaaS. When we inform...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Blog:Adobe proves that the cloud is good for IT Ops

        Adobe Systems is a pioneer and fast mover in the public cloud and in so doing is showing that there is nothing for infrastructure & operations professionals (IT Ops) to fear about this move. Instead,...

        • For CIO Professionals

          Report:Proactively Engage Cloud Buyers

          Cloud services, from departmental SaaS applications to consumer-facing file sharing, are being brought into your organization, and they are increasingly weaving their ways into business workflows....

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        • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

          Blog:You can learn from the clouds but you can’t compete

          If you want to be the best in data center operations you are right to benchmark yourself against the cloud computing leaders – just don’t delude yourself into thinking you can match them....

          • For Chief Information Officer Professionals

            Blog:Oracle Continues to Make Cloud Progress

            Well if you're going to make a dramatic about face from total dismissal of cloud computing, this is a relatively credible way to do it. Following up on its announcement of a serious cloud future...

            • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

              Blog:To get national healthcare right requires Adaptive Intelligence

              With the employer mandate delays being the latest setback to U.S. president Obama's push for national healthcare, it's worth looking at how other countries are successfully tackling the same...

              • For Customer Insights Professionals

                Report:Adaptive Intelligence: Assess Your Readiness

                Firms today have the false belief that they can create a 360-degree view of their customers with just the data they own. But this means they miss out on valuable insights from partners and...

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              • For CIO Professionals

                Report:Improve Business Outcomes With Adaptive Intelligence

                Making Business Intelligence A Collaborative Process Leads To Greater Insights, Security, And Efficiency

                Enterprise execs who seek to understand their customers, market, and competitive landscape can't afford to limit their insights to the data they generate. Nor can they hope to gain sufficient insight...

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              • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                Charts & Figures:Within The Tiers Lie Three Core Models

              • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                Blog:Dear Help Desk: What's Safe To Do In The Cloud?

                Wouldn't it be nice if your employees actually asked you this question before they went off and signed up for a cloud service or deployed a new app to a cloud platform? If they did ask, would you...

                • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

                  Blog:Q: Which Apps Should I Move to the Cloud? A: Wrong Question

                  Out of all the inquiries I get from Forrester enterprise clients, the above question is by far the most common these days. However, the question shows that we have a lot to learn about true public...

                  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

                    Blog:EMC Gathers Its Cloud Assets - Will Developers Come Aboard?

                    It looks that EMC has finally admitted it needs a better approach for courting developers and is doing something significant to fix this. No longer will key assets like Greenplum, Pivotal, or Spring...

                    • For CIO Professionals

                      Report:The Rise Of The New Cloud Admin

                      Organization: The Cloud Computing Playbook

                      Nearly half of all enterprise IT shops claim to be prioritizing private cloud investments in 2013, but both in the largest enterprises and those firms that are most aggressively investing in public...

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                    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                      Blog:OpenStack: Time To Capitalize On The Momentum

                      In the IaaS market the open source torch has officially been passed from Eucalyptus to OpenStack, a community effort that is showing strong momentum in both vendor participation and end user...

                      • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

                        Report:The Seismic Shift In Application Portfolios

                        Road Map: The Cloud Computing Playbook

                        Driven by rapidly changing customer engagement models, enterprise application portfolios are evolving at dramatically different rates on either side of a fault line. Systems of engagement...

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                      • For Chief Information Officer Professionals

                        Blog:Is your data working for you?

                          Every company generates data that would be of significant value to its customers, partners and potential partners; information that could be combined with insights from this ecosystem, public...

                        • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                          Blog:Are You A Highly Effective IT Ops Leader?

                            Pop quiz: How many of your company’s top business leaders do you talk to on a daily basis? How many know your name? And finally, how many of them do you engage to brainstorm on how to...

                          • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

                            Blog:Now This Is How To Do The App Internet Right — Autodesk Cloud Shows The Way

                            Much of the discussion around integrating applications with the Internet has centered on mobile applications connected to web backends that deliver greater customer experiences than mobile apps or...