The Customer Loyalty Playbook

Drive Smarter Customer Loyalty With Customer Intelligence

Customer loyalty is a hot topic. Companies look to loyalty programs to enhance customer knowledge and drive customer retention, revenue, and engagement. But, while they see the potential of loyalty programs, most companies fall short of success — relying on undifferentiated discount strategies rather than customer intelligence to capitalize on customer data and deliver valued offers and experiences. Forrester's customer loyalty playbook addresses the foundational strategies, technologies, ...

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Forrester Playbooks

Playbook frameworks guide your critical decisions with integrated reports, tools, and objective insights. See how Playbooks align to your critical business initiatives, delivering integrated reports, tools, and guidance for your key decisions. Watch the video.

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Evolve your strategy.

With mobile, social, and other technologies shifting power directly to the consumer, setting a clear strategic course has never been more challenging for marketing leaders. Learn how Forrester Consulting can help.