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The Four Social Marketing Tools You Need

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    Marketers spend billions of dollars on social media every year, and they're increasingly turning to technology vendors to support their social programs. But for many marketers, the social technology vendor landscape verges on indecipherable. To select the right tools and technology for their social plans, marketers must classify and choose vendors based not on the characteristics of their technologies but instead on the distinct business value those technologies offer. To aid in that process, this report introduces the four categories of social technology that marketers should consider: 1) listening platforms, which help companies plan social marketing programs; 2) reach platforms, which allow marketers to deliver messages to audiences beyond their fans and followers; 3) depth platforms, which help marketers add social tools and experiences to their sites; and 4) relationship platforms, which help companies engage customers on social networks. This report serves as the tools and technology component of our social marketing playbook; it has been updated to add specifics about relevant Forrester Wave™ evaluations.
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