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The New And Emerging World Of B2B Commerce

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Until recently, most business-to-business (B2B) companies relied on thick print catalogs, armies of sales reps, and well-staffed call centers to drive and support customer purchases. But B2B customers have substantially shifted their research and transaction activities online — and onto their mobile devices. As such, B2B companies have been forced to fundamentally rethink critical customer engagement strategies and core investments in commerce infrastructure. This report outlines Forrester's vision for how B2B eCommerce professionals can deliver value-added experiences by using content to drive commerce and by leveraging old and new channels to maximize customer reach.
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  • eCommerce Has Disrupted Traditional B2B Commerce
  • B2C Dynamics Foreshadow The Direction That B2B eCommerce Will Take
  • Effective B2B eCommerce Will Focus On Content And Channels

    B2B Companies Must Stay Ahead Of The Commerce Curve
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