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The "Smartphone" Is Dead: Long Live Smart Phones And Smart Gadgets – A Social Computing Report

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Apple's and Google's arrival in the mobile market is causing knock-on effects throughout the market and is opening up opportunities. All mobile handsets are becoming smarter and Internet-capable. Yesterday's smart high-end phone is today's midrange phone and tomorrow's entry-level phone. The "smartphone" category is no longer useful as all phones become smart. Instead, we propose three new frameworks to segment the smart mobile device market: openness and extensibility; consumption and creation; utility and entertainment. All mobile strategies must adapt now: Consumer electronics makers must decide on their response to widely available smarter phones and the mobile Internet; handset makers must leverage software to play the mobile Internet game and differentiate long term; media, finance, retail, and other Internet companies' strategies must exploit mobile opportunities now or lose ground to faster rivals. But the mobile market will remain fragmented with no single platform — no Windows PC equivalent — anytime soon on mobile devices. Therefore, mobile strategists must analyze their target consumers carefully before embarking on large mobile investments.
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  • All Phones Are Becoming Smart
  • Smarter Mobile Phones Will Increasingly Trample On Adjacent Sectors
  • How To Understand The Future Mobile Market
  • Use Three New Frameworks To Categorize Mobile Devices

    The Mobile Opportunity Is Greater Than A High-End Niche
  • The Mobile Market Will Fragment Further

    Use Software Smarts To Create Competitive Advantage
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