The Social Business And Collaboration Playbook

Competitive Advantage Through Social Business

Business as we know it is changing. The next generation of market-leading organizations will digitize their enterprise model with new capabilities enabled by social technologies. But many of today's social technology initiatives fall well short of their transformational potential. Smart business and technology leaders are rethinking business strategy to create a "social business" — moving beyond linear, process-driven organizations to create new, dynamic, networked businesses that focus on ...

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Social Business And Collaboration

Playbook frameworks guide your critical decisions with integrated reports, tools, and objective insight. This Playbook helps you develop and sustain an innovative culture to fuel growth while supporting the business. Watch the video.

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Adopt A Collaborative Business Strategy.

Social business technologies and strategies keep employees connected and engaged in today's global business environment. To stay competitive, help your organization build and implement a social business strategy that helps your business be responsive and innovative in the market. Learn how Forrester Consulting can help.