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Free access to and sharing of ideas is the hallmark of the digital age. Today, your customers, partners, and employees can share information to form opinions that can affect your business and, on a broader scale, the course of countries. Not convinced? Check out the Arab Spring — a movement Twitter and Facebook partially empowered. Organizations unable to participate in this burgeoning marketplace of ideas risk being left behind by fast-moving competitors and markets. So, the question for CIOs is simple: What have you done to empower your workers with the knowledge they need to create, innovate, and advocate for your offerings on a global stage? This report discusses how CIOs can help their organizations morph into social businesses — organizations that have flattened barriers to information, allowing people to access it, along with experts who can help them use the information, to solve business problems.
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  • Most CIOs Fail To Tap The Full Power Of Social Business
  • It's Time For The Rise Of The Social CIO
  • Social Businesses Are Built On New Systems Of Engagement
  • Take Three Steps To Begin Your Social Business Journey

    Social Business Places New Demands On CIOs And Their Teams

    Social Business Helps Organizations Respond To Change
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