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The State Of Enterprise Architecture 2010: Drivers, Initiatives, And Technology Priorities

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Enterprise architecture (EA) priorities for 2010 show a continued focus on helping IT reduce costs and get applications out on time and on budget. For the longer term, however, EA will look to enable key business capabilities, with a particular focus on business intelligence (BI), master data management (MDM), and collaboration. 2010 will play out as a transition year as EAs work on completing their cost-focused initiatives but also start to position their organizations to make meaningful strides forward as the economy thaws and budgets begin to free up.
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  • IT Drivers And Priorities Steer Enterprise Architecture Focus
  • Architectural Opportunities Diverge From Tactical IT Drivers
  • EA Persuasion Will Determine Success With Architecture Opportunities

    2010 Will Be A Transition Year As A Forward-Looking Focus Begins
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  • Models & Calculators:

    IT Drivers Reflect Ongoing Economic Pressures On IT Budgets And A Tactical Emphasis

  • Models & Calculators:

    Key IT Initiatives For 2010 Also Reflect A Tactical Emphasis

  • Models & Calculators:

    Firms Will Be Making Significant Architecture Decisions In Information-Related Tech Areas

  • Models & Calculators:

    Areas Under Direct IT Influence Show Greater Degrees Of Standardization

  • Models & Calculators:

    Road Maps And Building Strategic Cases Trump Metrics-Driven EA Approaches