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The State Of Interactive Agencies

Interactive Marketers Should Prepare For An Even More Complex Agency Portfolio

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    Although most interactive marketers would prefer to have one consolidated agency handling all of their digital needs, the ever-changing landscape requires the use of several agencies. These agencies are key to success because interactive marketers need to outsource certain skill sets, and because agencies help marketers stay ahead of the curve in a fast-changing industry. Moreover, many interactive marketers don't trust their traditional brand agencies with interactive work. Yet the complexity of the interactive landscape is creating a fragmentation of interactive agencies, which in turn is creating a whole new set of challenges to marketers. Interactive marketers should prepare their organization for even more agency partners and educate their procurement teams on the value of these relationships.
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    • A Fast-Changing Interactive Marketing Landscape Requires Multiple Agencies

      Be Ready For More Ccomplexity In The Interactive Agency Space
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