Thomas Husson

VP, Principal Analyst serving Marketing Leadership PROFESSIONALS

Thomas is a vice president and principal analyst, serving Marketing Leadership professionals.  Thomas's research focuses on the integration of mobile into marketing and digital strategies; the disruptive role of mobile in bridging the digital and physical worlds; the evolution of the mobile ecosystem; the convergence of mobile and social; and the impact of mobile devices and technologies on people's attitudes and behaviors. His coverage includes mobile marketing and advertising, mobile Internet and applications, and mobile commerce and payments. Thomas is widely cited in publications including International Herald Tribune, the BBC, The Economist, Reuters, AFP, Les Echos, and Le Monde.

Previous Work Experience

Thomas has 15 years of experience in the mobile and digital industries. Prior to joining Forrester in August 2008, Thomas spent four years at JupiterResearch as a senior mobile analyst, and six years at Bouygues Telecom (the third-largest French operator), first as Internet product manager and then as mobile multimedia marketing manager. Thomas also brings experience from the financial services sector, working in Milan for a year and a half. Thomas has served as a judge for the Global Mobile Awards at Mobile World Congress since 2008.


Thomas holds degrees in international marketing/strategy and finance from EM Lyon (Lyon School of Management) and Science Po Paris (Institute of Political Science).

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    Blog:What To Learn From The Japanese Mobile-Centric Market

    Japanese consumers are among the most mobile-savvy in the world: They were shopping, banking, and gaming on mobile phones long before consumers in other nations. The Japanese mobile ecosystem used to...

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      Blog:Mobile Payments Enter A Disruptive Phase

      A recent article in The Wall Street Journal mentioned that Google could team up with MasterCard and Citigroup to pursue a role in mobile payments; this is yet another indication that disruption is...

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        Blog:Drive Product Innovation To Mature Your Mobile Strategy

        To gauge how far organizations have come with their mobile initiatives, Forrester conducted the Q4 2011 Global Mobile Maturity Online Survey among executives in charge of their companies’...

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          Blog:Quantifying mobile trends in Western Europe

          At the end of this year, Forrester expects mobile Internet penetration to reach 17% in Western Europe — the same adoption rate for the PC Internet a decade ago. At that time, mobile phone...

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            Blog:Best Practices: How To Implement A Mobile Product And Service Road Map

            Too many firms are investing in mobile technologies without a road map. Most companies are investing in a wide range of mobile technologies, but only 40% of companies that Forrester interviewed have...

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              Eventually, Microsoft announced its decision to acquire Nokia's devices and services unit for € 5,4 billion. After all these years of speculation, now was the time to invest. Indeed, despite...

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                Blog:It Is Time To Differentiate Your Tablet Approach

                If you still believe that tablets are merely a fad or just a way to engage more affluent early adopters in their 30s or 40s, you need to change your mind — now.  According to our latest...

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                  Blog:Mobile & Social Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin

                  The vast majority of Facebook and Twitter usage is coming from mobile devices, and both companies generate a significant proportion of their revenues via mobile ads (53% for Facebook and more than...

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                    Blog:2013 Mobile Trends For Marketers

                    In advance of Mobile World Congress, I revisited our 2012 mobile trends predictions with my colleague Julie Ask and we found that all of them are still evolving and relevant in 2013. The trends...

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                      Blog:How Mature Is Your Mobile Strategy?

                      How Mature Is Your Mobile Strategy? To help consumer product strategists and executives answer this question and benchmark their mobile consumer strategy, Forrester fielded a Global Mobile Maturity...

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                        Blog:Another Year In Review — Revisiting 2012 Mobile Trends

                        Every year for the past few years, I've been revisiting our mobile trends predictions. So let’s do it again for the 2012 Mobile Trends post I put together a year ago with my colleague Julie...

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                          Blog:Prepare For The Second Wave Of Apps

                            In July 2012, app stores — first popularized by Apple — will be four years old. There is still a lot of room to improve the discoverability and sharing of apps. For example,...

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                            Blog:Profiling Your Best Mobile Customers

                            Nine months ago, I wondered if there was a life beyond the iPhone and beyond mobile applications. Recent data gathered by Forrester makes me think that such a life exists! Bear with me one second....

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                              Blog:Vodafone & Wayfinder

                              Vodafone announced thisweek a recommended cash offer to acquire Wayfinder Systems AB. This is not a done deal yet but my first take is: - Wayfinder like other software vendors really pioneered the...

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                                Blog:The "magic blue circle"

                                I recently came accross this quote in the Financial Times from the former Vodafone CEO on November 19, 2007: "The simple fact that we have the customer and billing relationship is a hugely powerful...

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                                  Blog:Innovation by Orange

                                  Many recent innovations in the mobile space are led by new entrants such as Apple or Google. However, let's be fair with telcos. They invest significant amounts of money in R&D and have very...

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                                    Blog:Mobile World Congress: some thoughts on day 1

                                    It is difficult to say whether the number of delegates attending Mobile World Congress is lower than expected or than last year, but the Fira was this year again crowded with audiences from all over...

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                                      Blog:Back From Yet Another Pilgrimage To Mobile's Mecca

                                        After experiencing some of the most exhausting days in the life of a “mobile” analyst, I am back from Barcelona. I shared some thoughts before the event started (see here), but...

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                                        Blog:LeWeb: The Next 10 Years

                                        What do all of these players have in common? Most of them are US startups initially backed by venture capital (VC). Some of them are now worth more than $1 billion; others are planning for an IPO;...

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                                          Blog:Line's IPO Highlights The Potential Of Messaging Apps As New Media

                                          According to Reuters, Japanese messaging app Line has filed for an IPO valued at over $10 billion. No doubt the space is heating up. Competition is increasing. Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19...

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                                            Blog:The Social Users Marketers Want To Reach Are On Mobile

                                            With Facebook announcing its earnings today, it will be interesting to know more about the performance of video ads and Facebook's teen usage, following my colleagues’ research...

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                                              Blog:The Mobile War Is Not Over

                                              Let’s step back to January 2007. Do you remember what your job was at that time? I was already an industry analyst covering mobility, and at that time, the space was less fascinating to cover....

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                                                Blog:Predictions 2014: Mobile Trends For Marketers

                                                My colleague Julie Ask and I revisited our predictions for 2013's mobile trends and found that all of them are still evolving and relevant in 2014. During 2014, we’ll pass a key milestone:...

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                                                  Blog:Telecom Trends: Life For European Carriers Will Not Get Any Easier In 2013

                                                  At the beginning of this year, I took the time to sit down with my colleague Dan Bieler, principal analyst on Forrester's Business Technology Futures team and a specialist in the telecom space,...

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                                                    Blog:Is there life beyond the iPhone and beyond mobile applications?

                                                    Let's be a bit provocative after this week's announcement from Apple letting us know that they had sold 7,4M iPhones during the last quarter (+7% yoy). Apple's stock valuation was even...