Thomas Husson

VP, Principal Analyst serving Marketing Leadership PROFESSIONALS

Thomas is a vice president and principal analyst, serving Marketing Leadership professionals.  Thomas's research focuses on the integration of mobile into marketing and digital strategies; the disruptive role of mobile in bridging the digital and physical worlds; the evolution of the mobile ecosystem; the convergence of mobile and social; and the impact of mobile devices and technologies on people's attitudes and behaviors. His coverage includes mobile marketing and advertising, mobile Internet and applications, and mobile commerce and payments. Thomas is widely cited in publications including International Herald Tribune, the BBC, The Economist, Reuters, AFP, Les Echos, and Le Monde.

Previous Work Experience

Thomas has 15 years of experience in the mobile and digital industries. Prior to joining Forrester in August 2008, Thomas spent four years at JupiterResearch as a senior mobile analyst, and six years at Bouygues Telecom (the third-largest French operator), first as Internet product manager and then as mobile multimedia marketing manager. Thomas also brings experience from the financial services sector, working in Milan for a year and a half. Thomas has served as a judge for the Global Mobile Awards at Mobile World Congress since 2008.


Thomas holds degrees in international marketing/strategy and finance from EM Lyon (Lyon School of Management) and Science Po Paris (Institute of Political Science).

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    Blog:What To Learn From The Japanese Mobile-Centric Market

    Japanese consumers are among the most mobile-savvy in the world: They were shopping, banking, and gaming on mobile phones long before consumers in other nations. The Japanese mobile ecosystem used to...

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      Blog:OVI Store: the fight for the home screen

      [Posted by Thomas Husson] One of the first announcements made at Mobile World Congress this morning in Barcelona is Nokia's answer to the Apple AppStore. Historically, Nokia has offered various...

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        Blog:Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, D-7

        [Posted by Thomas Husson] Next Monday the mobile/telecom industry will gather in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress. With 60,000 delegates expected, the Fiera is the largest European Congress...

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          Blog:The Future Of Mobile Is User Context

          I have had the opportunity to contribute to a brand-new piece of research led by my colleague Julie A. Ask, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester. We both believe mobile has the potential...

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            Blog:Global Mobile Awards 2009: and the winner is...

            [Posted by Thomas Husson] UnfortunateIy winners' names will only be announced at the Mobile World Congress Gala Dinner Awards night on Tuesday 17th February 2009, at the National Palace in...

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              Blog:Mobile Travel in Europe

              ACCOR, the global hotel chain, just launched an iPhone application.  This  is just one of the many examples of travel brands leveraging the mobile momentum. Airline companies have always...

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                Blog:Who's leading mobile innovation?

                Conventional wisdom in the mobile industry is that Japan and South Korea are the most advanced mobile markets worldwide while US is lagging behind and Europe somewhere in the middle. This...

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                  Blog:Orange's approach to the new mobile ecosystem

                  Earlier this year, I pointed out how Orange and operators were pursuing their innovation efforts in the context of new entrants (Apple, Google,...) shaking up the mobile value chain. The recent...

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                    Blog:The mobile revolution is just getting started

                    I just presented the latest findings of a new research published "Mobile Technographics in Europe" to Forrester clients at our London Consumer Forum. This report looks at the state of the European...

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                      Blog:Mobile & Social Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin

                      The vast majority of Facebook and Twitter usage is coming from mobile devices, and both companies generate a significant proportion of their revenues via mobile ads (53% for Facebook and more than...

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                        Blog:New iPad Air And iPad Mini Will Maintain Apple's Premium Positioning In The Increasingly Competitive Tablet Market

                        As it did for the iPhone 5S and 5C, Apple has tweaked its product portfolio with two new products to maintain premium positioning in an increasingly competitive tablet market. Both the iPad mini 2...

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                          Blog:The Global Mainstreaming Of Smartphones

                          Thanks to the phenomenal popularity of Apple’s iPhone and Android’s growing traction — more than 550,000 Android devices are activated each day — many product strategists tend...

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                            Blog:How Mature Is Your Mobile Strategy?

                            How Mature Is Your Mobile Strategy? To help consumer product strategists and executives answer this question and benchmark their mobile consumer strategy, Forrester fielded a Global Mobile Maturity...

                            • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

                              Blog:2009 Mobile Trends

                              [Posted by Thomas Husson] Since this is my first post here, let me begin with an introduction: I’ve worked at JupiterResearch – now a division of Forrester – for four years in the Paris office -...

                              • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

                                Blog:With iOS 8, Apple Increases The Value Of Its Ecosystem But Only Marginally Improves App Marketing

                                My colleague Ted Schadler explained here how Apple's iOS 8 focuses on developers building new mobile moments. Once again, Apple increases the value of its ecosystem and will create more...

                                • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

                                  Blog:The "magic blue circle"

                                  I recently came accross this quote in the Financial Times from the former Vodafone CEO on November 19, 2007: "The simple fact that we have the customer and billing relationship is a hugely powerful...

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                                    Blog:Mobile Payments Enter A Disruptive Phase

                                    A recent article in The Wall Street Journal mentioned that Google could team up with MasterCard and Citigroup to pursue a role in mobile payments; this is yet another indication that disruption is...

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                                      Blog:We Are All Mobile Teens

                                      To borrow from McCann Truth Central, most of us have owned mobile devices (not to mention smartphones) for, on average, 12 years — and we’re still figuring out mobile phone behaviors and...

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                                        Blog:Another Year In Review: Revisiting 2013's Mobile Trends

                                        Every year for the past few years, I've revisited our predictions for the previous year's mobile trends. It's now time to look back at 2013 and, specifically, at the 2013 mobile...

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                                          Blog:Back From Yet Another Pilgrimage To Mobile's Mecca

                                            After experiencing some of the most exhausting days in the life of a “mobile” analyst, I am back from Barcelona. I shared some thoughts before the event started (see here), but...

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                                            Blog:Line's IPO Highlights The Potential Of Messaging Apps As New Media

                                            According to Reuters, Japanese messaging app Line has filed for an IPO valued at over $10 billion. No doubt the space is heating up. Competition is increasing. Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19...

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                                              Blog:Mobile 2.0

                                              I recently had the opportunity to speak at the mobile 2.0 conference in Paris. There are lots of events of that kind but this one was all the more interesting as there was a European start-up...

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                                                Blog:Nokia's Transformation Journey

                                                I am attending Nokia World in London. For those of you not familiar with this event, that’s usually the conference where Nokia shares its vision and strategy, announces new products and...

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                                                  Blog:Predictions 2014: Mobile Trends For Marketers

                                                  My colleague Julie Ask and I revisited our predictions for 2013's mobile trends and found that all of them are still evolving and relevant in 2014. During 2014, we’ll pass a key milestone:...

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                                                    Blog:Next-Generation Mobile Experiences

                                                      0in;line-height:16.8pt;background:white">Mobile phones and tablets are becoming the remote controls of our daily lives. Smartphones are the new digital hub for a growing percentage of...