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Take A Startup Approach To Develop Customer Relationships

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    Customers, empowered by always connected digital devices, can engage with brands at any time, from any place, and at any point within the customer life cycle. To respond with relevance in real time, marketing must transform batch-oriented campaign management teams into a technology startup that builds, iterates, and scales marketing technologies across the enterprise. The marketing technology office (MTO) supersedes campaign management teams, unlocks the full potential of marketing automation, and helps create brand differentiation through technology. In this report of the cross-channel campaign management playbook, an update of our October 2011 "Investing In Marketing's Technology Future" report, we review the key roles within the MTO, its partnerships and collaborations, and the tasks performed by this function.

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    • Connected Customers Force A New Approach To Marketing Technology
    • Build A Startup To Develop Next-Generation Marketing Technology

      Establish, Then Iterate, Your Implementation Of The MTO
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