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Unleash Innovation With Good Governance

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    Does your organization struggle to innovate? As organizations work to acquire and maintain competitive differentiation in a global marketplace, they often look to innovation as a key strategic imperative, yet success remains elusive for many. A major challenge is that innovation is synonymous with risk, and firms tend to be risk-averse. The result can be a governance process that functions as a roadblock for innovation, especially when it comes to IT enabled innovation. As organizations shift from IT to BT they need new roles and processes to help business innovate safely. This report helps CIOs design and implement an innovation governance framework that promotes innovation while managing risks to acceptable levels.
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    • Set The Boundaries
    • Three Critical Elements Of Innovation Governance
    • Charter The Governance Structures
    • Articulate The Process
    • Rules To Guardrails Changes IT-Enabled Innovation Governance
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