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What US Mass-Affluent Investors Want From Their Investment Firms' Web Sites

Account And Portfolio Data Remain Most Important

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Mass-affluent investors represent one-third of all US households and control about the same proportion of retail investment assets. Four in five online mass-affluent investors have visited their primary investment firm's Web site, and the majority have used the site's content and functionality, yet these visitors rate just a handful of Web site features as important. Basic features like account balances and portfolio information are rated most important as well as highest in quality.
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  • Four In Five Online Mass-Affluent Investors Visit Their Firms' Web Sites
  • Just A Few Site Features Are Important To Most Mass-Affluent Investors
  • Different Features Matter To Different Investor Segments
  • Clients Rate Many Web Site Features High In Quality

    Prioritize The Features That Matter Most To Your Customers
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