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Who Buys Groceries Online And Why

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Web grocery continues to be a low-penetration retail category online. Less than 10% of US online adults have purchased groceries online, but those who are doing so are valuable consumers: US online grocery buyers spent, on average, more than $200 more on online purchases than US online buyers in general, and they report a household income that is more than $7,000 higher than the average US online buyer. Consumers are still hesitant to purchase some grocery products online — perishable products top that list — but there is an openness to purchasing packaged goods. US online buyers who have embraced online grocers are fueled by the convenience of shopping online — avoiding the hassle of going to the store and saving time are some of the biggest drivers for this group of consumers to take their grocery shopping online.
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  • Online Grocery Shopping Is Still An Emerging Category
  • Obstacles To Success In The US Online Grocery Space

    Online Grocery Sites Have The Opportunity To Learn And Grow
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