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Zero In On CRM HEROes: The Role Of Surveys, Observations, Analytics, And Engagement

An Empowered Report: Part 1

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    A customer relationship management (CRM) highly empowered and resourceful operative (HERO) is anyone who takes the initiative to apply technologies creatively within business processes to make the customer happy and grow the relationship, or it's any customer who influences other customers' behavior. In these days of social networking, CRM HEROes can easily exist without your knowledge. To find them, apply advanced analytics tools to search for HEROes in your organizations and customer ecosystems, spanning both internal community boards and public social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Visionary enterprises use analytics tools to mine for expertise and influence — the key criteria for HEROes — among customers, employees, and other key stakeholders. Why? Your most influential customers often have the greatest impact on awareness, sentiment, propensity, loyalty, and upsell among other customers. Seek to engage them as brand ambassador HEROes within your customer community, and consider enlisting and incentivizing them to become service and support resources within your extended customer community.
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    • You Know a CRM HERO When You See One
    • Analytics Help You Zero In On HEROes
    • Case Study: Carphone Warehouse Recognizes Engaged, Influential Customers

      Empower CRM HEROes to Deliver Value Across The Customer Community

      CRM HEROes Are Your Key To Agility
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