Boris Evelson

Vice President, Principal Analyst serving Application Development & Delivery PROFESSIONALS

Boris serves the Application Development & Delivery role. He is a leading expert in business intelligence (BI) — a set of processes, methodologies, and technologies used to transform raw data into meaningful, useful, and action-oriented enterprise information. Boris delivers strategic guidance, helping enterprises define BI strategies, governance, and architectures and identify vendors and technologies that help them put information to use in business processes and end user experiences.

Boris' current research focuses on the practical and actionable best practices for building BI infrastructure and applications, such as BI business cases, architectural options, organizational structures, and vendor selection. Boris continues to explore emerging trends in next-generation BI, such as agile BI architecture and development approaches, in-memory analytics, advanced data visualization, convergence of structured data and unstructured content analytics, process-driven and operational BI, and many others.

Previous Work Experience

Boris has more than 30 years of experience with enterprise software and applications implementation, management consulting, and strategic advisory skills. Most recently, Boris was a managing partner at Textra, a boutique strategic advisory firm serving all IT constituents: users, vendors, and investors. Boris cofounded Textra after spending several years as a VP and a strategic technology advisor at JPMorgan/LabMorgan, where he led many successful internal BI initiatives, advising the bank's large enterprise software clients on enterprise adoption issues and product and marketing strategies. Prior to JPMorgan, Boris served as a senior manager of data warehousing and customer relationship management (CRM) practices at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Boris started his career at Citibank, where, among many other successful projects, he implemented the bank's first global credit risk data warehouse.


Boris holds a degree in music education from Moscow Gnessin School Of Music, Russia.

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          Rather than going with the usual, ubiquitous, and often (yawn) repetitive “top 10 BI predictions” for the next year, we thought we’d try something different. After all, didn’t...

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            Blog:SAP Takes Another Step Towards Agile BI With KXEN Acquisition

            Business intelligence (BI) is an evergreen that simply refuses to give up and get commoditized. Even though very few vendors try to differentiate these days on commodity features like point and...

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              Blog:Get ready for BI change

              Market conditions are changing quickly; firms need to make the best possible business decisions at the right time and base them on timely, accurate, and relevant information from business...

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                Blog:How to estimate cost of BI deployment

                Initial business intelligence (BI) ployment efforts are often difficult to predict and may dwarf the investment you made in BI platform software. The effort and costs associated with...

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                  CEOs and other senior executives must identify ways to improve their enterprise performance by boosting profitability, raising market share, and leapfrogging competitors. But achieving these...

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                    Blog:BI on BI Or How BI Pros Must Eat Their Own Dog Food

                      BI professionals spend a significant portion of their time trying to instill the discipline of datadriven performance management into their business partners. However, isn’t there...

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                      Blog:Ways To Address BI Skills Shortage

                      Whether you are just starting on your BI journey or are continuing to improve on past successes, a shortage of skilled and experienced BI resources is going to be one of your top challenges. You are...

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                        Blog:A Bit Of BI Humor

                        We all work very hard to make our BI initiatives, programs, platforms, applications, and tools very successful. We need a break. And what better way to relax than to joke about what we do? So... as...

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                          Blog:Mobile BI And Cloud BI Evaluation Criteria

                          Mobile BI and cloud BI are among the top trends that we track in the industry. Our upcoming Enterprise BI Platforms Wave™ will dedicate a significant portion of vendor evaluation on these two...

                          • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

                            Blog:BI Leader Job Description

                            Clients often ask me to help define their job description for a business intelligence (BI) leader, executive, or manager. Here’s what I typically provide: Our research on Agile BI...

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                              Blog:Do You Have BI On BI?

                              BI is used to build, report, and analyze business performance metrics and indicators. What about measuring the performance of BI itself? How do you know if you have a high-performing, widely used BI...

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                                Blog:Top 10 BI Predictions For 2013 And Beyond

                                It’s that time of year again, when everyone starts asking for the BI predictions for next year. Good news: We did a pretty good job on the last year’s predictions, and so there’re...

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                                  Blog:Make data confidence index part of your BI architecture

                                  I often see two ends of the extreme when I talk to clients who are trying to deal with data confidence challenges. One group typically sees it as a problem that IT has to address, while business...

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                                    Blog:Craft Your Future State BI Reference Architecture

                                    In the face of rising data volume and complexity and increased need for self-service, enterprises need an effective business intelligence (BI) reference architecture to utilize BI as a key corporate...

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                                      Blog:What Do BI Vendors Mean When They Say They Integrate With Hadoop

                                      There's certainly a lot of hype out there about big data. As I previously wrote, some of it is indeed hype, but there are still many legitimate big data cases - I saw a great...

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                                        Blog:BI In Russia And Israel

                                        I recently had both the privilege and pleasure to do a deep dive into the cold and warm BI waters in Russia and Israel. Cold - because some of my experiences were sobering. Warm - because the...

                                        • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

                                          Blog:What Does R Integration Really Mean For BI Platforms?

                                          I just received yet another call from a reporter asking me to comment on yet another BI vendor announcing R integration. All leading BI vendors are embedding/integrating with R these days, so I was...

                                          • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

                                            Blog:Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before Embarking On A Big Data Journey

                                            Do you think you are ready to tackle Big Data because you are pushing the limits of your data Volume, Velocity, Variety and Variability? Take a deep breath (and maybe a cold shower) before you...

                                            • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

                                              Blog:COTS Vs. Home-Grown BI Apps

                                              Wanted to run the following two questions and my answers by the community: Q. What is the average age of reporting applications at large enterprises? A. Reporting apps typically involve source data...

                                              • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

                                                Blog:Advanced Data Visualization - A Critical BI Component

                                                As one of the industry-renowned data visualization experts Edward Tufte once said, “The world is complex, dynamic, multidimensional; the paper is static, flat. How are we to represent the rich...

                                                • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

                                                  Blog:Use Cases For Specific BI Tools

                                                  I get the following question very often. What are the best practices for creating an enterprise reporting policy as to when to use what reporting tool/application? Alas, as with everything else in...

                                                  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

                                                    Blog:Self-Service BI

                                                    Traditional BI approaches and technologies — even when using the latest technology, best practices, and architectures — almost always have a serious side effect: a constant backlog of BI...