Jonathan Browne

Senior Analyst serving Customer Experience PROFESSIONALS

Based in London, Jonathan serves Customer Experience Professionals. He examines the best practices of companies creating groundbreaking customer experiences online, including the mobile Web and new social computing channels. He leads Forrester's research in Europe on interactive design agencies and personas.

Previous Work Experience

Prior to this role, Jonathan was a senior analyst serving Customer Experience Professionals in Tokyo. He lived in Japan for 14 years, helping to launch Forrester's Japan office in 2000 and serving as a country sales manager there before becoming an analyst in 2006.

Prior to joining Forrester, he worked in business development roles for TDK Electronics (UK) and for a trading company in Japan, exporting components to global manufacturers in the computer industry. He is fluent in Japanese.

Jonathan is a founding member of Japan's Persona & Customer Experience Association (formerly Persona Consortium), a nonprofit organization that researches the use of personas. He has delivered presentations on customer experience topics in London and Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, Japan. In November 2006, he delivered a keynote presentation on the future of social computing at the Business Blog & SNS World forum in Tokyo. In March 2008, he delivered a keynote presentation on marketing strategy and trends in globalization of organizations at the CMO Summit in Tokyo.

Jonathan has been cited in publications including Forbes, The Economic Times (India), Nikkei BP, and He has written articles for Nikkei Information Strategy magazine, Web Tantosha (Web Manager) magazine, and he has presented a series of videos on the Softbank Business + IT Web site.


Jonathan graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Japanese studies.

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