Recognizing customer experience excellence

The Outside In Awards

Forrester’s Outside In Awards are inspired by our recent book on customer experience, Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business. They recognize organizations that excel at the practices needed for planning, creating, and managing a great customer experience. Awards are presented annually in November at Forrester's Customer Experience Forum in California.

2013 winners and finalists

And the winners are:

  • Ally Bank for design.
  • American Cancer Society for measurement.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan for customer understanding.
  • The Lego Group for measurement.
  • Pitney Bowes for measurement.
  • PwC Australia for design.
  • Safelite AutoGlass for customer-centric culture.

And the finalists are:

  • DBS Bank for strategy.
  • VMWare for customer understanding.
  • RagingWire Data Centers for governance.
  • Rogers Communications for customer-centric culture.

Why does Forrester give out these awards?

Forrester conducts the Outside In Awards to demonstrate that customer experience discipline is essential for business success – regardless of industry; celebrate organizations that are leading the way; and highlight best practices to instruct other organizations.

Awards given in up to six categories

Strategy: A plan that guides the activities and resource allocation needed to deliver an experience that meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Customer Understanding: The set of practices required to create, maintain, and share a clear, consistent, and accurate picture of target customers and the experiences they want.

Design: A problem-solving process used to determine the exact characteristics of customer interactions. Design is also a mindset that embraces concepts like divergent thinking, iteration, and collaboration.

Measurement: The set of practices required to measure customer experience quality metrics on an ongoing basis across the entire enterprise, and the use of that data to drive continuous improvement.

Governance: How a company directs and controls the design and delivery of its customer interactions.

Culture: A system of shared values and behaviors that focus employee activity on improving the customer experience.

Forrester's past winners for customer experience excellence

2012 winners: Barclaycard US, Cisco Systems, and Vanguard.

2011 winners: Adobe Systems, Fidelity Investments, and JetBlue Airways.

2010 winners: American Express, CDW, and Dell.

2009 winners: Experian, Progressive, and Vanguard.

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