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    Report:The Public Cloud Market Is Now In Hypergrowth

    Sizing The Public Cloud Market, 2014 To 2020

    Public cloud services continue to drive big changes in the markets for software, hardware, and IT outsourcing, while providing a foundation for age of the customer innovations. How much and when will...

    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:US Tech Market Outlook For 2014 And 2015 — Solid, Steady Growth

      Customer-Facing Technologies Will See The Fastest Growth

      Our updated US tech market forecast indicates that US CIOs can plan for 6% to 7% increases in their tech budgets in 2014 and 2015, after several years in which they have had to be cautious in their...

      • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

        Report:See Me, Serve Me: Video Chat For Customer Service Starts To Take Hold

        The Technology Arrives, But Does It Improve The Customer Experience?

        Despite a history of false starts, live video chat for eCommerce and customer support is now at the beginning of a viable adoption cycle. Early adopters — most notably Amazon — are...

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      • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

        Report:Trends 2014: European Digital Insurance

        Digital Executives Must Lead The Transformation To Digital Business

        Digital disruption has arrived in insurance. Years of slow growth, low consumer trust, and heavy regulation have weakened incumbents. In the meantime, customer expectations have been rising, fuelling...

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      • For CIO Professionals

        Report:Asia Pacific Tech Market Outlook For 2014 To 2015

        China, India, And ASEAN Will Be Up, Japan Down, And Australia And South Korea Flat

        Both technology buyers and technology sellers have a keen interest in what is happening in the Asia Pacific technology market, the third-largest regional tech buying area in the world. CIOs and other...

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      • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

        Report:The Things We Do For… Data

        Many Apps Give You Something For Nothing — Well, Not Quite Nothing

        Forrester has noted the growing presence of applications and websites that provide free services just to capture consumer data and market it to third parties. This report reviews examples of the...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:Infrastructure Will Drive The Retail Store Experiences Of The Future

        In-Store Technology Is Too Critical For I&O To Be Left Out

        To engage customers, retailers are implementing new technologies to help increase the relevance of content, reduce shopper frustrations, and create pleasing experiences. For example, Burberry tags...

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      • For CIO Professionals

        Report:Brief: The Home Depot's Age Of The Customer Transformation

        Senior Management's Digital Transformation Business Plan

        On Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at the International Strategy & Investment (ISI) Fourth Annual Retail Summit in Atlanta, Frank Blake, chairman and CEO of The Home Depot, talked about the firm's age of...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:Build Digital Workspace Delivery Systems To Give Employees The Right Tools For Their Job

        Tools And Technology: The Workforce Enablement Playbook

        This report outlines the tools and technology of Forrester's solution for infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals' workforce computing challenges. Forrester's research into workforce...

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      • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

        Report:TechRadar™: Customer-Centric HRM Technology, Q2 2014

        Innovation Boosts Employee Engagement And Customer Value

        The technology for human resource management (HRM) addresses the life cycle of the workforce, including attracting, selecting, training, supporting, assessing, and rewarding employees. In the fast...

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      • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

        Report:Big Data In Banking: It's Time To Act

        Compete In The Age Of The Customer By Making Use Of All The Available Data

        Big data is a key trend for many industries, including financial services in general and banking in particular. Key business drivers in the banking industry, such as improving customer service,...

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      • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

        Report:Brief: SharePoint Innovations Aimed At Employees, Not Customers

        Intranets Get Easier, External Uses Stay Hard

        In March 2014, Microsoft announced new innovations for SharePoint 2013; this brief analyzes the good and bad news. The many customers who use SharePoint for employee collaboration will find much to...

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      • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

        Report:Growth And Insight Drive Application Adoption Trends

        Results from our Forrsights Software Survey, Q4 2013, reveal significant investment activity in packaged applications, both for traditional systems of record applications and systems of engagement....

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      • For Customer Insights Professionals

        Report:Quick Take: IBM Acquires Silverpop

        Aims To Boost Behavioral Marketing Capabilities In Its Enterprise Marketing Management Suite

        On April 10, 2014, IBM announced its intent to acquire Silverpop, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketing automation and email service provider. With this acquisition, IBM fills in some significant...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:Find The Sweet Spot For Your Bring-Your-Own-Device Program

        Continuous Improvement: The Workforce Enablement Playbook

        Infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders have the opportunity to offload costs and responsibility while increasing productivity by launching formal bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs that meet...

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      • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

        Report:Building The Foundation For Customer Insight: Hadoop Infrastructure Architecture

        The proliferation of customer-facing data-intensive systems in almost every modern enterprise has catalyzed the rapid deployment of big data environments, commonly with Hadoop as the underlying...

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      • For CIO Professionals

        Report:Four Reasons For Sluggish Tech Market Growth And The Rationale For Future Optimism

        Weak Economies, A Changing Hardware Market, Cloud, And CEO Aversion To Investment Have Kept A Lid On Tech Buying

        Forrester's projected 5.5% growth in the global tech market in 2014 in local currency terms (6.2% in US dollars) is certainly an improvement over the more feeble growth of 2012 and 2013. Still, these...

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      • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

        Report:The Forrester Wave™: Retail Planning Solutions, Q2 2014

        The 10 Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up

        Retailers' profitability has always depended on the ability to turn inventory fast, since inventory is the principal asset on their balance sheets. Nothing influences inventory turn as much as...

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      • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

        Report:The Forrester Wave™: Customer Service Solutions For Enterprise Organizations, Q2 2014

        Due Diligence Required: These Vendors Are Great At Supporting Enterprise Organizations

        In the customer service solutions Forrester Wave™ for enterprise organizations, we identified the 11 most significant customer service solutions — eGain, Kana Enterprise, Microsoft, Moxie...

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      • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

        Report:The Forrester Wave™: Customer Service Solutions For Small And Midsize Teams, Q2 2014

        Due Diligence Required: These Vendors Are Great At Supporting Small And Midsize Teams

        In Forrester's 84-criteria evaluation of customer service vendors for enterprise organizations, we identified the 11 most significant solution providers — Astute Solutions, eGain, Kana...

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      • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

        Report:14 Digital Customer Experience Tools To Engage With Your Customers

        Tools And Technology: The Digital Experience Delivery Playbook

        Software platforms and applications that support digital experiences present challenges to tech buyers, who are discovering a vast and immature market. Application development and delivery (AD&D)...

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      • For Sourcing & Vendor Management Professionals

        Report:Boost Your Software Negotiation Strategy With A Toolkit Of Models, Checklists, And Documents

        Tools: The Strategic Software Sourcing Playbook

        Forrester hears from many clients who run into problems with a software negotiation partly because they did not do sufficient work before they started. Others want to prepare fully but are unsure...

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      • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

        Report:The State Of Digital Experience Delivery, 2014

        Benchmarks: The Digital Experience Delivery Playbook

        Forrester recently surveyed 148 technology, marketing, and business professionals with decision-making roles in digital experience (DX) delivery technologies, and asked them about their strategies...

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      • For CIO Professionals

        Report:Debunking Two Myths About Tech Budgets

        CIOs Will Still Control Most Tech Spending, Which Will Still Be Two-Thirds MOOSE

        The CIO's job is hard enough delivering reliable, secure, and user-friendly technologies while meeting and anticipating business needs for new technologies to support strategic initiatives. But that...

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      • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

        Report:Knowledge Work Pushes The Dynamic Case Management Market

        Vendors Advance Their Design Time And Runtime Features

        There are fewer production workers who perform repetitive tasks. Work is becoming more knowledge-based and much less structured. As a result, the dynamic case management (DCM) market is expanding to...

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