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  • Consumer Promotion
  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Create Marketing Your Customers Can Use

    How To Infuse Marketing Programs With Usefulness

    Half of US online adults are always addressable, meaning that they personally use at least three Internet-connected devices and access the Web multiple times per day from multiple physical locations....

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:The Facebook Factor: US Online Youth

    Quantifying The Impact Of Social Networking Sites On Brand Interactions For US Online Youth

    It's been more than a year since Forrester published its original report on the "Facebook factor," which quantified the impact of a Facebook fan on brand interactions for US online adults, and social...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Profiling Brand-Loyal And Price-Conscious US Consumers

    A Technographics® Data Essentials Document

    Brand loyalty and price sensitivity guide consumers' purchasing decisions, but these qualities also create unique audiences that embody distinct social attitudes, technology engagement, and...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:How To Exploit The Database Of Affinity

    And Why Google, Not Facebook, Will Dominate Affinity Marketing

    Every day, huge numbers of people tell us what they like by voting for things, talking about things, reviewing things, and engaging in other online social interactions. All these behaviors add up to...

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  • For CMO Professionals

    Report:The Marketing Case For A Branded Sales Channel

    Marketers Must Look Beyond Incremental Sales And Margins To Assess The Full Impact Of A Direct Sales Channel

    Every product category has a set of competitors that have a branded route to the customer — such as The Body Shop in cosmetics, Gap in apparel, and Apple in consumer electronics — while...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:The Always Addressable Customer

    Vision: The Mobile Marketing Playbook

    This report introduces Forrester's vision of mobile marketing for interactive marketing professionals: Discover the new ultra-connected customer, for whom mobile is the key touchpoint. In 2010, we...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Exploring The Social Technographics® Ladder: Creators

    North American Consumer Technographics®

    Creators sit at the top of Forrester's Social Technographics ladder®: They are a group of highly active online consumers who write blogs and articles, upload self-created video and music, post...

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  • For CMO Professionals

    Report:Consumers Demand More From 21st Century Brands

    Empowered consumers threaten the traditional building blocks of brand equity, as they have greater influence than ever over brand preference, recommendation, and pricing power. In February 2012,...

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  • For CMO Professionals

    Report:Brand Building In The 21st Century

    The Quest For Market Share And Mindshare In An Age Of Higher Standards

    Like the ruins of Rome, the traditional pillars of brand equity are cracking under the weight of the higher standards of the 21st century consumer. Marketers are disoriented in this world where they...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Boost Your Content Ecosystem With Video

    How To Use Online Video Content To Drive Results

    Consumption of online video content is popular and growing. Yet most marketers rely on in-stream advertising as their only marketing approach for online video. This report explains the advantages...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Case Study: Oreck Improves Media Spend ROI By Taking A Unified View Of The Customer

    Oreck decided it was time to get smart about impression delivery across multiple channels. Working with partner Knotice, Oreck created a unified view of the customer to effectively target and deliver...

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  • For Customer Insights Professionals

    Report:The Facebook Factor

    Quantifying The Impact Of A Facebook Fan On Brand Interactions

    Quantifying the impact of a Facebook fan can be difficult and elusive for marketers. Forrester uses statistical modeling to analyze the effect of being a Facebook fan on brands. The model gives...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Brands And Social Networking — A Recipe For Consumer Engagement

    Forrester Technographics Digital Consumer Community Report, February 2012

    Pleasing consumers is becoming increasingly difficult, and the experiences encountered while buying a product can make or break a brand’s reputation with its consumers. One bad experience can...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Twitter: The Public Forum For Your Brand

    How Interactive Marketers Should Tap Twitter For Real Business Results

    With Twitter's usage numbers ballooning and its recent announcement of brand pages, interactive marketers are paying attention. Recognizing its potential across the marketing mix, many have already...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Partner Up For Influencer Marketing

    Work With Key Collaborators To Identify And Engage Influencers

    Interactive marketers are often responsible for influencer marketing programs, particularly within business-to-consumer (B2C) organizations. But identifying and engaging influencers is both complex...

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  • For CMO Professionals

    Report:Emerging Technologies CMOs Should Watch: Q3 2011

    Four Technologies For Engaging Customers With Content

    CMOs need to keep an eye on emerging technologies that have the potential to drive improvements in customer engagement. This second in a series of reports on emerging technologies explores tools and...

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  • For CMO Professionals

    Report:Engage Women With Personal And Relevant Social Interactions

    Women have the potential to drive a brand's reputation online because, compared with men, they are more connected with each other and like to talk about brands and products, especially in social...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Earned Media: The Intersection Of Interactive Marketing And PR

    How Interactive Marketers Can Apply PR Best Practices To Succeed With Empowered Customers

    Interactive marketers excel in paid and owned media but are often in uncharted waters when tasked with earning media through relationships with advocates and detractors. Thus, PR professionals are...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Defeating Social Clutter

    Strategies For Connecting With Increasingly Overwhelmed Audiences

    As consumers' use of social media matures, a new challenge faces marketers: connecting with their target audiences in increasingly cluttered social platforms. Many interactive marketers are falling...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Three Ways To Find, Create, And Energize Advocates

    Promote, Find, And Attract The Mass Influencers Who Matter

    Fans and followers are helpful for brands, but the people who bring the greatest value in social media are not just fans but advocates — people who can and will support, engage, and share...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Using Paid And Earned Media Together

    How Advertising Campaigns And Social Marketing Influence Each Other

    While it's very helpful to categorize the different online media touchpoints into groups such as earned, owned, and paid media, it's important to recognize that all of these touchpoints influence...

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  • For CMO Professionals

    Report:Define Your Marketing Innovation Strategy

    Many marketing leaders take advantage of new opportunities as they present themselves, organically building change into their approach and organization. But innovation in marketing should be much...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Reaching Your Most Valuable Email Customers

    Influencers' Attitudes Toward Email Marketing

    A core group of consumers who value email and are also go-tos within their communities for product recommendations — a group Forrester calls promotion influencers — are email marketers'...

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  • For Customer Insights Professionals

    Report:Defining Influence As A Strategic Marketing Metric

    Understanding The Power Of Influencers To Drive Marketing Strategy

    Influence is a dynamic concept that marketers use to identify the power of different outlets. In the past marketers treated influence and circulation volume as synonymous terms. Today, influence...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Technographics® Survey Highlights: Influential Online Consumers

    This highlight deck summarizes key findings related to influential consumers who advocate for their favorite brands or products online. This is the fourth survey highlight in a series from the North...