Tim Sheedy

Sr Analyst serving CIOs

Based in Sydney, Australia, Tim helps business and IT leaders across Asia Pacific drive better customer outcomes using technology. He helps clients focus on business technology (BT) and identifies opportunities to drive real business outcomes through the use of BT. In the age of the customer, companies that embrace the right disruptive technologies are better positioned to meet their customers' needs in that time of need — Tim's role is to help clients set their technology strategy and embrace the digital disruption.

His main focus is mobile — a technology driving significant disruption across all industries and all geographies. Tim helps companies in Asia Pacific develop better mobile outcomes for their customers. With a focus across the mobile value-chain — from internal employee developments to external customer or partner-facing services — he educates, informs, and guides clients on mobile decisions. Tim is working with many clients across retail, travel, banking, insurance, construction and engineering, consumer packaged goods (CPG), healthcare, and more to advise and guide the development of their mobile strategies.

Previous Work Experience

Tim comes to Forrester with more than 10 years of ICT analyst experience with ICT vendors and IT research providers. Most recently, he was the research director of IT solutions at IDC in Australia, where he assisted ICT vendors in designing solutions to better fit market requirements and assisted user clients with their strategies to improve the effectiveness of their IT functions. In this role, he developed a reputation as a respected and sought-after industry analyst and an entertaining and informative public speaker on many of the key trends in the IT market.

Prior to this role, Tim worked with Hutchison 3G as an analyst, helping to launch and optimize its direct sales channels and developing strategies to increase the use of non-voice products on what was at the time, Australia's first high-speed 3G network. He also spent a number of years working as an independent mobile analyst. In addition, he worked for IDC in the UK, managing its European Wireless & Mobile Communications research program.

Tim is a highly regarded industry speaker, presenting regularly to CIOs and senior IT and business audiences at IT conferences in Asia Pacific and across the globe.


Tim holds a bachelor's degree in marketing and research from the University of Technology, Sydney.

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  • Tim Sheedy
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    CIOs Begin Supporting The Shift To The Age Of The Customer

    Setting, adjusting, and managing technology budgets is a challenge even in good years — and few CIOs would argue that there are many good years anymore! Even in growth times, CIOs face pressure...

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    Report:Asia Pacific CIOs Step Confidently Into 2011

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    Report:The Asia Pacific IT Market Comes Of Age

    It's Time To Review Your Asia Pacific Strategy

    The Asian IT market is set for considerable growth over the next few years as the fast-growth economies move on from the financial crisis and return to high gross domestic product (GDP) growth mode....

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    Report:Benchmarking Asia Pacific CIOs' Attitudes Toward Cloud Computing

    In mid-2010, Forrester surveyed 598 CIOs and other senior IT managers across Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, and New Zealand on their current cloud implementations and their plans for and...

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    Report:Benchmarking ANZ IT Budgets And Priorities

    CIOs Drive IT Efficiency To Free Up Resources For Business Priorities

    CIOs across Australia and New Zealand are emerging from the global financial crisis with a renewed vigor to ensure they effectively meet the needs of the rest of the business. However, their keen...

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    Report:ANZ CIOs Should Experiment With The Cloud In 2010

    Cloud computing is coming to your organization — if it is not there already. However, most IT organizations in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) do not have a full understanding of the impact...

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    Report:Understanding Asia Pacific IT Users' Demand For Language Interfaces

    The Asia Pacific (AP) region is one of many complexities for regional firms and for those entering the market from outside the region. Understanding language requirements is one of the many...

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    Report:Systems Integration Project Pricing Model Selection Tool

    Knowing when to use the best pricing model for your IT consulting and systems integration projects can be difficult to determine. This tool helps you better select the appropriate pricing model based...

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    Report:The Right Pricing Model For Your Systems Integration And IT Consulting Projects

    Introducing A Tool To Help Simplify The Selection Process

    Sourcing executives trying to strengthen their relationships with business and IT users can do so by helping the users understand not just scope but the financial implications of their choices. One...

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    Report:Green IT Starts To Affect ANZ Sourcing

    But Much Can Be Learned From Best Practices In North America And Europe

    While there is a clear trend toward Green IT sourcing and practice within the Australian and New Zealand economies, these firms lag their North American and European peers in their levels of interest...

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    Report:Benchmarking ANZ IT Budgets

    Despite A Resilient Economy, IT Spending Plans Remain Conservative

    Since the credit crunch began to bite, Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) IT leaders have faced more positive market conditions than their peers in many other countries around the world —...

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    Report:IT In The Public Sector In Australia

    Benchmarking Your Practice Against Your Global Peers

    With the tightening of IT budgets in the Australian federal government due to the review of IT operations by Sir Peter Gershon, the considerable consolidation of public sector agencies at the state...

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    Report:Seeking Flexible Outsourcing Deals

    Australia's Department Of Defence Lays The Groundwork For A New Sourcing Strategy

    For many IT sourcing customers, the arguments and potential legal battles concerning what is in scope and what is not — both for project work and managed services engagements — are...

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  • For CIO Professionals

    Report:Understanding Today's Demand For IT Services

    Project Work Is Down But Has Growth Potential; IT Outsourcing Is Just Weak

    The IT services market is behaving peculiarly in this tech downturn. While project-based IT consulting and systems integration work is now falling, it: 1) held up remarkably well until Q4 2008; 2) is...

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    Report:Examining Changes In IT Spend In Asia Pacific

    A Two-Speed IT Economy Is Emerging

    IT budgets in the Asia Pacific region are hardly immune to the economic downturn — even in those economies witnessing growth, the IT spend is down. From January to March 2009, Forrester...

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    Report:Australian And New Zealand CIO Priorities In 2009

    Managing The Balance Between Cost Cutting And Business Priorities

    With IT departments really feeling the pinch in 2009, there is considerable pressure on CIOs to make a concerted effort to cut costs while at the same time delivering the essential capabilities that...

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    Report:Industry Knowledge And Company Familiarity Are Key To Selecting SOA Systems Integrators

    Many IT projects these days require service-oriented architecture (SOA) skills — however, SOA is one area where internal skills can be very thin on the ground. Therefore, it is often necessary...

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    Report:The Forrester Wave™: EMEA SOA Systems Integrators, Q2 2009

    IBM, CSC, And Wipro Lead, With THBS And Accenture Close Behind

    In Forrester's 62-criteria evaluation of EMEA service-oriented architecture (SOA) systems integrators, we found that IBM Global Services (IBM), CSC, and Wipro lead the pack because of their broad and...

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    Report:The Forrester Wave™: North American SOA Systems Integrators, Q2 2009

    IBM And Infosys Lead The Pack, With Wipro Close Behind

    In Forrester's 62-criteria evaluation of North American service-oriented architecture (SOA) systems integrators, we found that IBM Global Services (IBM) and Infosys led the pack because of their...

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    Report:Australian Financial Services Firms Ramp Up Their IT Offshoring Efforts

    The move toward IT offshoring is already popular within the finance sector in Australia — particularly in the banking sector. Some firms have moved IT roles offshore to their own captive...

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    Report:Don't Let Resourcing Issues Delay Your 2009 Projects

    As enterprise appetite for IT project work slows down, systems integrators and IT consultants are trimming staff and reining in growth plans to ensure continued profitability. This might affect their...

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    Report:Australian Sourcing Pros Must Act Now To Beat The 2009 Price Increase For IT Solutions

    The large drop of the Australian dollar against most currencies around the world has effectively increased the price of any IT solution sourced from outside of the country. On that basis, many IT...

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