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2009 Asia Pacific Interactive Marketing Predictions

China, Social, And Search Will Thrive As APAC Continues Its Global Rise

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    Overall, the current global economic turmoil will harm the Asia Pacific (APAC) region — and specifically China — less than it will other regions. Meanwhile, marketers will continue shifting their budgets toward digital. In this context, three themes will define APAC interactive marketing in 2009: 1) cautious optimism; 2) careful experimentation; and 3) return on investment (ROI). Specifically, marketers will carefully test the emerging technologies that have the lowest cost, highest reach, or greatest impact on sales: social media, mobile, and digital point-of-sale. Meanwhile, although global economic turmoil will not kill optimism or innovation in APAC, it will increase the focus on measurement and ROI. Most marketers will embrace one of the most measurable forms of digital marketing: search. Activities that don't have a clear business purpose won't survive 2009.
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