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2D Bar Codes: Driving Consumers To Purchase

eBusiness Professionals Should Employ These Tactics To Engage Consumers

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    2D bar codes have gone from an obscure topic in technology circles to a hot topic in print media and retail circles as a way to connect customers to their offerings through a mobile interface. But the growth in the number of programs using 2D bar codes has far outpaced consumer adoption. Between 2010 and 2011, consumer adoption of 2D bar codes grew from 1% to 5% among US adults. And too few eBusiness professionals use best practices to offer consumers good experiences once they've scanned a bar code. Bar codes are an execution tactic — not a strategy on their own. eBusiness professionals must first develop a mobile strategy before choosing to use 2D bar codes — a technology choice. They must also take into account the real-world elements involved in mobile user design.
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    • Ubiquity, Ease Of Information Access Will Drive Best Consumer Decisions
    • Think Of The Experience Beyond The Scan To Drive Conversions And Sales

      Set Channel And Mobile Strategies Before Embarking On Bar Code Details
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