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A Crisis Of Attention: Technology, Productivity, And Flow

Using The Science Of Knowledge Work To Restore Flow To The Workplace

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    Knowledge workers face a paradox: The technology intended to make them more effective actually distracts, drains, and demotivates them instead. Rapidly changing customers and market conditions demand creativity and the highly productive cognitive state called "flow." But a workplace optimized for routine tasks destroys flow and saps energy. It doesn't have to be that way. Psychological and neurological research offer critical insights into where high performance and creativity really come from, how they impact business outcomes like customer service and revenue, and how organizations are destroying performance without knowing it. Based on this research, we'll show how technology managers can supercharge knowledge workers' productivity.
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    • Your Technology Is Destroying Your Organization's Productivity
    • Get To Know Flow
    • Your Technology Is Killing Flow
    • Autonomy, Mastery, And Purpose Are The Ingredients To Flow
    • How You Can Fix The Productivity Problem

      Human Science Will Redefine Knowledge Work

      Business Priorities Will Shift In Pursuit Of Flow
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