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A Hitchhiker's Guide To Process-Driven Business Transformation And Application Delivery

Don't Panic! Combine BPM And Agile Approaches To Conquer A Brave New World

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    Business innovation increasingly comes from the application of technology. Forrester labels this phenomenon as the transformation from IT to business technology (BT). At the heart of this transformation is a customer-centric focus that reshapes business processes and the application delivery capabilities needed to implement them. But business transformation efforts often fall flat because business process professionals and application delivery professionals are working at cross purposes. To succeed, you must share a common approach: Express business requirements and customer value as business processes and use Agile methods to rapidly deliver both business process and application change. The result? Replacing incongruous flailing with harmonious, purposeful collaboration between business process pros and application delivery pros. Your business and customers will benefit greatly.
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    • Transformation Requires Business Process And App Delivery Harmony
    • Establish A Process-Driven Culture Across Business Process And App Delivery
    • Inject Agile Principles Into All Aspects Of IT And Business Engagement

      Merge Business Process And Agile Application Development
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      Agile Adoption Continues To Grow