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A KPMG Case Study: The Case, Responsibilities, And Success Metrics Of A Green IT Manager

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    In 2008, KPMG set a number of corporatewide environmental goals, including a 25% reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2010. And like many firms in the service industry, the operation of IT equipment is a significant contributor to KPMG's overall energy consumption and carbon footprint. To ensure that these environmental commitments were met while achieving financial savings along the way, KPMG's CIO realized the need for dedicated ownership. Darren McGann, a member of KPMG's IT infrastructure and operations team and environmental enthusiast — was appointed. What started as a part-time project quickly evolved into the full-time role of green IT manager, a role tasked to improve IT and business efficiencies by greening technology and technology-related processes. Darren's performance metrics focused on delivering environmental and economic savings, and his key responsibilities range from identifying and prioritizing projects to coordinating implementation teams and communicating successes.
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