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A Practical How-To Approach To Mobile BI

Mobile Tablet PCs, Not Phones, Will Create Critical Mass For Enterprise Adoption

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    Mobile devices and mobile Internet are everywhere. Over the past few years, Forrester has tracked continuously increasing levels of adoption and maturity for mobile business applications, but not so for mobile business intelligence (BI) applications. The adoption and maturity of mobile BI fall behind other mobile enterprise applications for multiple reasons, mainly the lack of specific business use cases and tangible ROI, as well as inadequate smartphone screen and keyboard form factors. However, larger form factor devices such as tablets and innovative approaches to online/offline BI technical architecture will boost mobile BI adoption and maturity in the near future. BP professionals must start evaluating and prototyping mobile BI platforms and applications to make sure that all key business processes and relevant information are available to knowledge workers wherever they are.
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    • What's Keeping Mobile BI From Higher Adoption
    • Next-Generation Mobile BI Will Revolutionize BI Applications
    • Mobile BI Implementation Challenges Vary Based On Rendering Technology

      Ensure That Business Processes And Information Are Ubiquitous
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