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A SIMPLE Sales Enablement Framework

Use A Framework To Simplify A Complex Sales Support Environment

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    In most complex businesses today, random and poorly managed sales support resources drive unneeded costs while also contributing to overburdening the sales force. These resources are proliferating as marketing, sales, HR, and other groups make investments to "help sales sell" that are wasteful at best — and that create barriers to achieving business strategy at worst. To streamline these random acts of sales support, Forrester has created a SIMPLE (sales initiatives, marketing practices, and leadership excellence) framework for sales enablement professionals to use in supporting their selling systems more effectively.
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    • Problem: Random Acts Of Sales Support Undermine Business Strategy
    • Combat Complexity With A SIMPLE Framework
    • Start The Simplification Process Using Forrester's SIMPLE Framework

      Pitfalls To Avoid When Corralling Random Acts
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