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A Single View Of The Customer Is Table Stakes To Enable Cross-Channel Attribution

The Cross-Channel Attribution Blueprint

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    When it comes to articulating the business value of data, marketing pros are among the most enlightened of business stakeholders. Marketers rely on customer, transaction, and third-party data to optimize business-critical customer-facing business processes such as contact management, customer segmentation, and campaign management. And customer intelligence (CI) pros who analyze, trend, and predict customer behaviors must constantly measure and assess marketing effectiveness to optimize their firm's direct marketing spend to the highest-value channels, such as direct mail, email, banner ads, catalogs, and Google search rankings. It's critical that CI pros credit the marketing channels and campaigns that generate the most leads and subsequent revenue. The information-rich reality consumers inhabit, where multiple marketing channels influence a purchasing decision, further complicates the situation. Data management pros must finally deliver the elusive "single view of the customer" so their CI counterparts have the supporting data they need to most effectively deliver a holistic view of marketing performance across the enterprise.

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